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Förderung des Auf- und Ausbaus der Musik Industrie in Afrika e.V. · Music is a Business Matter

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Where in Germany is there a Non Profit Organisation for promotion of the music business in Africa?

This was our motivation for founding the Organisation Förderung des Auf- und Ausbaus der Musikindustrie in Afrika e.V. (Organisation for the Promotion of the Establishment and Expansion of the Music Industry in Africa).

The music business in Africa is even today not regarded as an economic factor and is consequently not promoted with the same determination as in America, Europe or other regions. Playing music is a passion for people in most countries of Africa, and the most widely differing types and styles of music can be heard. This music is produced and sold as effective advertising, even around the world (so-called world music), but these activities do not have any business foundation at all. There are socio-cultural, political and economic reasons for this.

It is a fact that in most African countries music is perceived as an integral component of daily life and culture and not as an industrial and development asset that should be promoted as an economic factor.

FAAMUS INDUSTRIE IN AFRIKA e.V. is a non-profit organisation worthy of promotion as an element of economic development activities; it can provide sustained improvement in the economic, social and ecological situation of the people, especially the target groups in the music industry, in African countries. In addition, the rise of a music industry in the various countries would lead to a significant source of tax revenue for the governments.

We therefore propose solutions that we want to implement in collaboration with you in the sense of our non-profit organisation:

Promotion of the establishment and expansion of the music industry in the countries of Africa in the form of the founding and support of academies for training and advanced training and university studies for professions in the music industry in several African countries under the motto: Music is a Business Matter

We want to achieve our goals by the following means: